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Come join us to discover places where you usually don’t travel to. 

Only for the real sailors or adventurers amongst us. For a reduced price you can join us on a sail trip along the most beautiful routes. Off course we expect you then to roll up your sleeves and experience the true love for sailing. How your trip will look like, depends on which route you would like to go with us. Crossing an ocean, or just a bit of coastline side seeing or island hopping? Would you like to enjoy the most beautiful spots during our route? That’s possible, ask for the dates and then book your flight first. Our route is determined by the wind and your booking.

We will mainly sail during the day, often even a few days and nights in a row, so we are not always able to visit your most wanted area’s or have the time to do any activity you would like to do.

Does this sound a little too challenging to you? Would you rather go on vacation with your family or just enjoy a relaxing stay on the water? That’s no problem at all. Click here for family cruises.

How does it work?

We welcome you on the agreed date and location, for a minimum of three consecutive nights on an all-inn base (incl. food, drinks).

For some specific routs we require sailors with experience, but we will discuss this after your bookings-request. 

After we both agreed upon a final booking (by email), your trip is almost ready to begin. But first you have to book your flight to us and start packing your suitcases. During the process to a final booking we always search with you for the best airports/ harbor entries to come on board, so the complete travel will be as smooth as can be.

Once on board we will welcome you with a small drink and there is enough time to get to know each other. After this enjoyable moment we will continue with the safety rules on board during your trip, our house rules and set the finances. 

Once this is all done, we discuss the route, the weather, your wishes for stops during the route and the possibilities for activities on board or on land. Please consider that during the trip the original plan might change due to weather circumstances. Safety first. 

Don’t worry, be happy

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